John H. Brodley's Price Of Progress

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In order to answer the question, certain terms need to be defined. A concept is a general notion or idea. Conclusions are the final, reasoned parts of a decision. Thus, the question is asking do the ideas, or schemas, developed by an individual affect deductions or decisions made.
Due to the broad nature of the question, it will be explored using three sections involving indigenous knowledge, art, and history. With reference to indigenous knowledge, culture plays a major role in how individuals see life as our surrounding environment has a crucial role in our formulation of conclusions. Our concepts of art and artists will be considered to determine if art has any moralistic value. Finally, historical examples will be considered to ask the
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Brodley’s piece Price of Progress discusses non modern societies often time are subjugated to Western styles of living and ideology as a result of many Western people thinking they need help. The problem is, a Westerner’s concept of what is primitive varies from the people living within such a society. Brodley states that Westerners consider another society through our own lens, and “...lack universal cultural relevance.” A society, by modern terms, would be deemed primitive and in need of help based on factors such as GNP, per capita income, and capital formation. As a result, people shape the conclusion that these countries need help, which then causes a culture to be loss and a more Western one to be forcibly…show more content…
During this time, slavery debates and fights were held throughout the nation that ended with the Civil War. During the Civil War, the South represented themselves with the Confederate flag, which symbolizes the belief in keeping slavery. So, it should not come to a surprise when Bree Newsome, an African American activist, scaled the flagpole in South Carolina and removed the symbol of hate. The confederate flag has been removed from national areas as it represents a bleaker time in history. The concept of the confederate flag and the conclusions made on its meaning, which was anti abolition, shaped the movement that called for its removal throughout the nation. Many Southerners pride themselves on it. For some people, the confederate flag symbolizes freedom while others it’s a representation of
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