John Hancock's Declaration Of Independence

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independence. Signing the declaration of independence to the founding fathers and everyone was like committing suicide, because it was writing with their signature that they had betrayed the British. There was much tension while during the signing because treason was capital punishment and capital punishment meant the death penalty. Whatever their occupation or position, they were risking everything, including their families and properties. Independence Day today is celebrated by fireworks and relaxation. Elbridge Gerry, the fifth vice president, was almost killed by the British and he is where the inspiration for the word “Gerrymandering” comes from. Caesar Rodney also risked his life because he was the only Delaware delegate that voted for…show more content…
Hancock was a very wealthy man with a very unusual sense of style for his day. John Adams was convinced that John Hancock was sympathetic to Great Britain even though Hancock voted for independence. When they signed the final handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence on August 2nd Hancock did his famous huge signature on top of the others’ signatures. Another man named Charles Carroll also put a lot at risk by signing when his father back home promised him 10,000 acres of land, making him extremely rich. He also made statements towards Britain taxes and was sent to Quebec on a job from Congress. When he returned he was not in time to vote for independence but he did sign the declaration and while he signed Ben Franklin said outloud a remark about him losing all his money for signing. Ben Franklin was famous because he was not born into money but made his way up on his own. Another man named George Taylor had an even harder start when he came to america like a slave. He worked his way up and became the first to supply the Army with musket balls. The man Taylor leased his iron furnaces from fled to Britain and was thought to have committed treason against Britain, and they took all his property, including Taylor’s furnaces, which put him out of…show more content…
It has much to write about as historical significance because it involves America getting its independence from Britain and what that took. Also this topic can be expanded towards the signers personal lives and what they did to get where they are and how difficult it was for them to sign. This writing raises questions for me towards the atmosphere in the room when the Declaration was signed and also the personal lives of the individuals that signed. Also it could be written about why we needed independence, what it meant, and how it is celebrated today. I could also explore further what would have happened without a declaration and what did happen because of it. This event does not only impact the American history and country but it does impact on a worldwide scale and throughout american history our Bill of Rights has been used in courtrooms to settle disputes. This one act or event has laid down the foundation for our country and still serves today and which is why I believe it is so important. I would really like to expand into the founding fathers personal lives with accomplishments and set back that is unknown unless researched. The kinds of questions I would like to answer is how they started out in life and what they did to get their position. I would also like to discover the impacts that signing had on the fathers and well as their thoughts
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