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A Revolutionary patriot who voluntarily incurred one of the greatest suffering without any chance of gain. Married to Deborah Scudder, he was known as John Hart. Without better understanding of his actual birthdate and hometown birthplace, he was better known as a New Jersey farmer. As well as “Honest John Hart” throughout the state. Benjamin Rush described him as “a plain honest, well meaning Jersey farmer, with but little education, but with good sense and virtue enough to pursue the true interest of his country.” John Hart’s birthdate and birthplace is not quite clear since a variety of sources say 1708, 1711, 1714, Connecticut, and Hopewell, New Jersey. So in other words his beginning is a mystery. He was born as the son to Edward Hart (1683-1752) and Martha Furman Hart (1691-1745). His father Edward Hart was a justice of peace, public assessor and farmer. Hart was taught how to write and read but like most…show more content…
Tragically his wife Deborah died October 8, 1776 after being afflicted with a disease and John had to return from election as a General Assembly and Specker. Deborah died having her beloved husband at her side, but everything went downhill from her death. On December 1776, the British and Hessians ravaged the Hopewell area and John’s home, property and children encountered an extreme suffering. Their home and any land they had suffered severe damage, all of his children fled to relatives or friends and Hart himself was forced to live in the woods and stay under hiding to avoid capture from the british. He did however return home on November 7th, 1778 and on the 9th he was too ill from kidney stones. Before this time he was re-elected as speaker but his illness would not allow him to travel, and then on May 1th, 1779 he died at his home. He died owing a lot of money and due to all this a lot of his land was sold for a
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