John Henry And The Steam Drill Short Story Analysis

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List each character here and explain what their role in the story is. 2-3 sentences should be enough info.
John Henry- a 6 foot tall man with great strength, he wielded a hammer that worked faster than any other human, he is told to have beaten a steam drill as a way to prove man is better than machine. Humble-Willing hero, John Henry didn’t think he was a hero, just a man doing his job, but he is willing as he stands up for the rest of his coworkers. Tragic Hero- as after he took the position of hero in the story and saved the day, he passed away making him a tragic hero.
Steam Drill/Creator of the steam drill- (the machine is not technically a character, but this machine is the antagonist, he is the complete opposite, the total opposite enemy. The steam drill (in most stories) is what caused the death of John Henry, meaning this machine killed the hero. …show more content…

When, where, how, etc.
JOHN HENRY and his hammers vs. THE STEAM DRILL
The story was more spread around early 1870’s.
Many speculate this occured in Alabama, North Carolina or West Virginia as people in historical context were known as Steel-driving men and these two places fit in the circumstances of land present in the stories.
Also believed this story was based around the development of the Big Bend Tunnel.
As John Henry was Southern African American - he was a steel-driving worker, this job made him express his talent with a hammer, he was extremely gifted with a hammer and drilled tunnels faster than any man known
But there was a uprising that would soon take his job and life: Steam Drill. The Steam drill is a machine that drilled as if it were a man, but had more energy and strength than normal men, besides one.
John Henry was at risk of being unemployed and his friends, so he had to do something.
So, he challenged this machine, in a battle of Man Vs. Machine to (what would seemingly end up as) death.
What was the point of this

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