John Henry Character Traits

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The type of character that John Henry is, he is a protagonist because he can be a symbol. A symbol of strength to the African Americans. John Henry also represents the human will and spirit, which a machine may defeat but can never duplicate. Some of the character traits that John Henry had were strength and endurance. He was hard working and he stood up for his fellow workers. He was slave, but also, he was a hero for his people. “The connector is this valiant battle, man against machine, man against boss, man against the power structure that keeps his people in chains.” To me I think it means John Henry vs the machine for winning for his peoples’ freedom. All versions of the story agree that John Henry was the strongest and the best hammerer of all. A man who wanted to be buried with his hammer in his hand. That’s what he did he…show more content…
An entire crew were freed slaves like John Henry have been promised land if they can finish by deadline, but they’re exhausted and unable to continue. “John Henry, he could hammer, He could whistle, he could sing, he went to the mountain early in the mornin’. Just to hear his hammer ring, Lord, Lord just to hear his hammer ring. Just to hear his hammer ring. Lord, Lord just to hear his hammer ring.” He helped his coworkers with their work. By hammering away in the early morning. John Henry has the strength. But in despair sets in the coworkers when the railroad sends a steam hammer to replace the crew and burns the contract. John Henry purposes a challenge: man against machine. “He picked up a hammer, a little piece of steel, said, hammer be the death of me, Lord, Lord said, hammer be the death of me said, hammer be the death of me, Lord, Lord said, hammer be the death of me.” John Henry is putting all his strength into helping his people out. If John beats the machine in constructing the railroad by sundown, the promised land would be given to his
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