John Holt's Failure To Teach Children

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John Holt believes that schools has failed to teach children anything useful, believes that without school and all the works and stuff that have to be done learning things are actually fun, or useful. He believes that students lose their curiosity and confidence right when they walk into class because classes will destroy your mind and make you focus on one thing only. Also, he thinks that children need to explore outside and to challenge things and try things out, basically explore not sitting inside a room all day. Next, school has failed by not teaching us that learning is separate from living, can not be trusted to learn, and that you have to learn from someone else. Moreover, students have to be taught a certain way like by books or teacher and if not, if taught by yourself or from other real people it does not matter. Seems as it is not correct. That uncertainty is not right and that you…show more content…
First, he thinks that children should be hands on to explore the real world. Another, is that people in some states are making public schools with no buildings. Everything would be outside like field trips to museums, radio stations, etc. to teach students about the real world and learn from it. Contact with adults and to learn from them, like teaching them about their profession and on what they have done in their whole life. Lastly, is to help one another and to teach each other new things and have someone to rely on, and by doing that you are learning too. I think that there can be many alternatives to school, these are just some examples that can really help someone learn new things. I still believe that there are many things that school does teach us that are not useless, like basic math, social skills, and manners too. There are many benefits to both, as there can be a balance of
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