Rhetorical Analysis Of John Hopkins All Children Hospital

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The John Hopkins All Children Hospital uses all sorts of rhetorical devices to portray their image of what kind of services they provide, background of the hospital, as well as treatment. With all the features the website provides, it has an unique way of using rhetorical devices such as ethos, pathos and logos that the viewer without even knowing are appealed from. The website does a wonderful job with having options for the viewers to get interactive with their hospital by joining their events or volunteering opportunities. The website provides the hospital's services as well as step by step procedures to before, during, and after visiting the hospital itself.
The website has a persuasive approach to convince the audience of their credibility
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This is a prime way to grab the viewers attention by drawing them into having an emotional connection to the web site. People always pity children and in situations when they’re hurt, so all together one will have an emotional reaction to the website. As states within the text, “Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital believes in Creating healthy tomorrows… for one child, for All Children”. By stating this sentence, they contribute to treating all the children equally with the same respect and love. The hospital has a interpersonal relationship between the patient and doctor which grows one's emotions towards the hospital and all they provide. The website also includes photos that help capture emotion. For instance, The photo of the hospitals economic impact provides the viewers with a feeling of trust and confidence with how genuine the photo’s approach is. The website uses the color white which the psychological meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. The hospital has a genuine look at it with this color on the website for the viewers to feel that their children will be taken care of with

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