John Hower Updike Influence

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John Hower Updike, the voice of reality and a force of change that shaped the later half of the twentieth century. According the article “John Updike,” in St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, his mentality and individualistic way of perceiving the world allowed him to script many works of fiction that embodied how people actually viewed the world around them. Throughout the experiences and influences in his life. He was misunderstood by many and till this day is still misunderstood by many people. He was open to the world views and allowed himself to be drawn in and be taken away by his work so he was seen as many things other than what he truly was, a master poetic novelist (“Updike”). Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, John Updike lived in Shillington, Pennsylvania during his childhood. He lived in a few different places during his childhood, he wrote often and enjoyed the hobby. This hobby of his got…show more content…
His style of writing can be traced back to many influences in his life one in particular is his father. “His father wesley, was a high school mathematics teacher, the model for several sympathetic father figures in Updike’s early works” (2). Furthermore, his mother enjoyed writing so seeing her do that at such a young age influenced him writing heavily. He was born into a golden age of discovery and an ever changing world that change his view. As reported by DISCovery Biography, in the article “John Updike,” it states that many important events occurred during his lifetime. For example, the Reagan presidency, Thurgood Marshall United States Supreme Court Justice, and many American authors that wrote novels and poems influenced his writings. His view on the world changed, as talked about earlier, his cultural exchange to the U.S.S.R. He noticed the tensions all over the world so he took the conflict to heart and wrote about tural america and the changing world that he saw
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