John J. Pershing: The Iron General

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Film: John J. Pershing: The Iron General John Joseph Pershing was a firm believer in education. His love for education gave him the tools he needed to become the successful general that he was. Pershing from a young age wanted to go to law school, but at 13 he was pull out of school due to the financial panic of 1873. He was told to work the farm with his brother, which he did. That is until he had the chance to apply to WestPoint. He saw this as a marvelous opportunity for free schooling, but it was much more than that. He didn’t just get into and go to WestPoint he thrived there and graduated at the top of his class in 1886. After WestPoint while working as a soldier, he also, as explains in the video, “picks up” a law degree while working
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