John Jay Leadership

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John Jay was not the most loved of our Founding Fathers but his leadership in significant events did help lead to the writing of the Constitution.He was elected the president of the First and Second Continental Congress.Which indicates others were able to notice his excellent leadership skills.These congresses were important because they helped plan boycotts against the British,issued the Declaration of Independence ,put together the Continental Army and created the Articles of Confederation which were all necessary steps to get us to the writing of the Constitution.The fact that he was the head overseer of the arranging of all these things shows his prestige.John Jay also helped orchestrate the Treaty of Paris which identified America as…show more content…
He was the oldest and wisest leader that contributed to the Constitution.He was a jack of many trades being he was a scientist,printer,inventor,politician, and diplomat.In 1754 when several representatives from the colonies gathered in Albany, New York to better their relationship with the neighboring Iroquois and come up with a plan for defense.He came up with the Albany Plan of Union for a common government.It was rejected but his plan ended up being the model of the Articles of Confederation which lead to the writing of the Constitution.Because he was a leader he was able to see the right vision for our nation even when everybody else hadn't yet come to terms with
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