John Keats Poetry Essay

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Poet Anthology Essay John Keats was born on October 31st of 1795 but his exact birth date is somewhat disputed. His family is said to have marked his birthday on October 29th, but baptism records have been found and used as official record that he was born on October 31st. Throughout his poetry, it is noticed that death is a prominent theme and this is probably because he encountered sickness and death a lot as a child. His father was trampled by a horse when John was just 8 years old. Since he witnessed his father's death at such a young age, it impacted a lot of his work. He knew that death was going to happen to everyone and showed that theme in some of his poems. For his mother, she fell apart after her husband’s death. She made many financial mistakes even after she got remarried. She divorced her
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His work is still used today and many writers and artists use his work as inspiration. Keats inspired many different types of writers such as books as wildly diverse as Neil Gaiman's graphic novels and science fiction writer Dan Simmons. His poems were great examples of what the Romantic period of poetry was all about. John Keats searches for answers to questions in nature about existence, eternal love and death in his poems and many people enjoyed his straightforward view of death and life itself. He was a great example of having a rough life, but using it to his advantage. Many poets did this, but Keats is one of the most famous. His poetry was always different and h always surprised the reader with the end of his poems sometimes, which made him even more intriguing. His poetry was simple to read, yet complicated to analyze. He impacted poetry in amazing ways and showed a lot of different styles throughout his career. Everyone from artists to poets to authors have been inspired by John Keats. Even if he did not know it in his life time, he is very important in the world of
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