John L. O Sullivan's Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny, a term coined by writer John L O’Sullivan, was used extensively throughout the 19th century to explain and justify American expansion throughout North America. Manifest Destiny is the idea that the United States had the unquestionable duty to acquire territory in North America as a means to spread the notion of democracy throughout North America, especially to ethnic groups who were not white (Henderson 137). Specifically, the term is often used to explain how the United States unequivocally acquired the newly independent territory of Texas along with an immense proportion of Mexican territory in the Southwest region of North America, extending American territory further south by establishing the Rio Grande river as
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Political instability in Mexico is easily demonstrated by the infighting within the government and many cycles of rebellions and revolutions that put in weak, corrupt Presidential leaders in place, and the violent suppression of factions within the Mexican political system. To exemplify the infighting an instability of the government, shortly before the Texas Revolution, the Mexican President Bustamante and his administration removed their political opponents from power, simply because they dissented with the administration by identifying as federalist. Not only did the administration remove federalist from political power, they also destroyed the federalist press and suppressed civil militias protecting federalist leaders. The government resorted to barbaric tactics to remove its dissenters form the Mexican political stage. Removing dissenters from power exemplified a weakness in the government because it illustrates how inept the government was at dealing with dissent, and how they were only attuned to internal affairs. Removing a legitimate faction from the Mexican government through excessive violence illustrated that the Mexican government could not adewualey deal with dissent. When these is infighting within a government, much of the political attention will ne directed towards internal
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