Russian Spy Book Summary

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John Le Carre’s 1974 novel focuses on uncovering the Russian spy in the British Secret Intelligence Service. The book was inspired by five British men who were sought as patriotic in the 1950s and 1960s and later they were unveiled as British Spies. The novel has sustained itself as a classic of spy fiction for its humour, keen descriptions and brilliant characterization. The book has several characters that were involved into the secret service, but now some agents have gone missing. The novel highlights the story about a secret agent that has been in the British Secret Intelligence Service for an extended period penetrating the country's secret while working as a double agent for the enemy. The book portrays the deep mysteries that not only depict the theme of the double agent but also exemplifies the aspect of espionage as an issue that has been in existence since the past. According to Locke, the central character of the book is George Smiley whose…show more content…
On the other hand, Smiley’s double agent personality aspect is what makes him the best investigator, as he is both an experienced spy yet switches sides to become an investigator. The theme of duplication does not fail in developing the plot as both Smiley and the readers struggle to identify who the double-dealing agent is. Concisely, the novel “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” is filled with instances of duplicity, highlighting the deeply rooted issues surrounding espionage and how spies can hide behind specific identities and doubles to prevent detection in the complex game of international espionage. As such, this novel is not only about espionage but also about secrets and changing identities by spies to serve the interests of their agencies under the cover of loyalty in another
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