John Lee Crazy Love Analysis

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Rebekah Allen
SOCI 2301
Media Analysis
Theorist John Lee designed love styles that showcased the variety of ways individuals view love. The love styles are ludic, pragma, eros, mania, storge, agape, and compassionate. Each are based on what the individual needs and wants from the other. In ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ we see numerous characters who view loved differently and even changed their view based on the individual of affection.
Sociological Concepts Ludic love style views love as a game. There is no intention of carrying out a respectful relationship. Instead, the individual keeps the partner at an emotional distance. The lover can have multiple partners and none of them is the love close to. Personality traits such as deception and lying can be a part of the relationship. The individual is uncommitted in every way.
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There is a deep mutual respect and friendship intertwined with this style of love. The partner deeply cares for another another which is why this love style of love is usually a forever relationship. There is a healthy balance of friendship and romance with storge love. Pragma love style views love with assets and liabilities. The lover seeks an individual that meets their materialistic needs. This could be categorized with a woman who wants to be a stay at home mom so she actively searches for a man who financially stable. Eros love style is full of passion and sexual desire. This is also known as romantic love. The lover is choosing individuals who are sexually appealing. It can consist of a romance that is a whirlwind but fades out due to satiation. Agape love involves as lover who is solely focused on the well-being of their partner with little to no regard for reciprocation. This can be seen as a one-way love. The individual is constantly keeping the betterment of their lover and can dismiss their own needs. It is a giving type of love but also gentle and
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