John Leguizamo's Freak Sexaholic

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John Leguizamo’s one man show entitled Freak Sexaholic; has captured the hearts of his audience. Starting from his conception to manhood, when he went through his picture on the wall, people went ecstatic. They were shouting and applauding him. I can’t take my eyes on him as he danced his way back and forth on the stage. I can relate with his life story as a child, being with his family doing picnics and barbeques at the park, since I too came from a big family and weekends are spent with them. His satire comedy, dancing, docudrama, exaggeration, movements; he had perfected his crafts with years of experience. The poor theater he is on, fits his performance, because with his talent, he doesn’t need a lot of decorations and props, all
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