John Lennon: Most Inspirational Singer

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John Lennon

John Lennon was one of the most inspirational singers that have ever lived.This man made dozens of beautiful songs that taught millions about peace and love.He could even sing and play popular songs when he was only 11 years old.Nothing could stop John Lennon.He even started movements like the bed in for peace protest he and his wife started.John Lennon did all of this for 1 goal, to stop war and violence in the world we live in Lennon was one of the biggest inspirations of his time and he still is to many people.
During John Lennon’s career there were many factors against Lennon,but still John Lennon was unstoppable in his goal for world peace.First off Nixon hated John Lennon,Nixon used Lennons marijuana use as an excuse to try and deport him but in the trial they discovered that he only tried to deport him in order to end John Lennon from leading people against the vietnam war. Even with this he could not bother Lennon.Even after this he continued to make
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This idea originated from something called a sit in where people would sit in front of the thing that they were protesting against until they were convicted, arrested,of were granted the thing they were protesting for.Another way that John Lennon protested Was when he was offered and mbe and declined it.The Beatles had each been awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen 's 1965 birthday.John Lennon declined this to protest against the vietnam war.While most would be honored to accept this award Lennon rejected it,This was just another way that John Lennon Was not going to let anything get in his way to end the vietnam war and all other violence in the
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