John Lewis Civil Rights

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Human rights are something that every person deserves to have. People don 't normally realize or appreciate how difficult it was to achieve women 's rights, civil rights and all around rights for everyone. Many events and leaders helped make civil rights possible for people of color. John Lewis was a determined and brave person, that changed America for the better. John Lewis made a lot of change for equality for people of color. He made sure they had a voice and used his platform to do so. Lewis had a lot of power in the government and used that as a way to get his point across. Lewis worked and worked to get civil rights and voting rights for black people. John Lewis had many ways to work for change; he protested non-violently and peacefully. At the end of his battle for civil rights, he had helped achieve civil rights, anti-segregation and voting laws for people of color. John Lewis also worked with his idol, Martin Luther King Jr., to make change for the people of America (biography). Lewis had many different ways to change America peacefully. He had a lot of marches and public demonstrations to show people the difference in treatment between blacks and whites. (johnlewis) In the beginning of Lewis’s development as a civil rights leader, he went to the American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee. There, he learned about non-violent protesting and different ways to be tranquil while fighting for your rights. “The vote is the most powerful
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