John Lewis Freedom Movement

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John lewis can be named many things. Leader of marches and protests during the movement, amazing person and one of the most hard working people alive today. Yes he is all of those things. From a young age, he felt the effects of segregation. Eventually he got so fed up about old beat up school busses and run down out of date text books. He took initiative and started protests. He slowly but surely would up-scale this to change the constitution. After that, he became a very loved and successful congressman for georgia 's 5th district. John lewis started out in humble background. Like most most African-American families in alabama, his family were sharecroppers. Sharecroppers were people who didn 't own the land that they worked on, so 80…show more content…
They continued to do sit-ins, but that were lowly moving close to the heart of the south. The more they move the more violent the responses were. One time, the waiter turned off all of the lights and turned a fumigator on in the room. On April 30, 9651, John Lewis went to washington D.C. to meet with CORE which was another organization at the time. At the end of it, John Lewi wa an official freedom rider. Freedom riders were made up of seven white people and six black people. They would ride together back and forth to birmingham. Even though whis sounds like an easy task, this was actually very dangerous.On their first ride, They were beaten even though they were perfectly legal.On May 14,1961, One of the groups were having a picnic when they got word that the kkk had attacked the other bus and put it in flames. The chief officer said it was mother 's day and they tried to let as many people off as possible. However, he now know that he helped the kkk.Even after such an attack, they still protested. Eventually, they were arrested by the same guy who helped the kkk, Bull Connor. They were taken to the infamous mississippi state penitentiary. While they were there, they were stripped of their rights.They even protested in jail! They would sing loud songs at no end. The officers thought that taking people 's stuff like mattresses and toothbrushes would make them stop, but it didn 't. So they started hosing people and they kept singing.Nothing could make then stop.when they…show more content…
As they tried to end segregation, Terrible news struck. Someone bombed the sixteenth street baptist church.There was even a mob afterwards and the shooting of johnny Robinson.It wa a was a war between rih and wrong, Truth and lies, and it meant everything to everyone. Bull Connor struck back, making a gang of deputized white men keep black people from voting. John Lewis Finally decided to go to selma which was the heat of the beast. During this time, Registrars would inforse annoying law and rules to force black people not to vote. Sometimes that would have to count the number of jelly beans in a jar of take an impossible exam in a short amount of time. People could only register on the first monday and wednesday of a given month. They called it freedom day. A huge line of black people would line up in protest. The deputes came too, keeping them from getting water or food the entire time. From seven to four thirty, Everyone would line up in 95 degree weather without water or food. After JFK Died, John made a protest where everyone in the protest would buy a share of the dobbs corporation, and when they went to eat there, they were denied service to their own diner. He recruited many staffers, but before they could do anything, three went missing. Eventually they were found dead under ground.The SNCC made countless more protests. A they continued, you could feel in selma the utter rage on both sides. This city was about to blow. John knew there wa only one way. He
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