John Lewis Pestle Analysis

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John Lewis is a chain of department stores that operates a total of 45 stores in the UK. It is a subsidiary company and they work in the retail industry. They were originally founded in 1864 by none other than the John Lewis himself and they are headquartered in Oxford Street in London. The key people involved in this company are Andy Street, who works as the managing director, and John Lewis and Spedan Lewis. Their revenue has increased over the years as it was £4.060 billion in 2013 and they had an operating income of £226 million in 2013 which has also increased. The company has a number of 38,100 employees in their department stores and the owner of this chain is John Lewis Partnership. Moreover, they sell a range of products such as electrical…show more content…
First and foremost, they spent a £1 million on their hare and bear TV advert alone and £7 million in total for their Christmas campaign. The rest of the £6 million was spent on their YouTube advert and advertising on social media. One way their promotional budget affects their choices of media is they will have good quality advertising because they are spending a lot of their income to make it look attractive. Their adverts will include suitable images and persuasive text. This leads to more customers being aware of the products they provide and sell. Therefore, their customers will feel inclined to purchase products. Their promotional budget also affects their choices of media because there is a high demand in social media and YouTube. Nowadays, customers have easy access to the Internet wherever they are located and if John Lewis promotes on social media, their voices will be heard by many people. They will earn a lot of followers on social media and views on YouTube. This leads to good publicity for the company. Therefore, they will have a good reputation due to promoting on all forms of social media and YouTube. Another way their promotional budget affects their media is they will attract a greater number of customers. This results in more sales. Thus, the business will be able to cover

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