John Lewis Rhetorical Analysis

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Test One: Rep. John Lewis 1. To me the main messages of the article is to use love and non-violence to get your point across and/or when you are trying to get what you want. That you do not have to always fight fire with fire. You can see this throughout the interview while John Lewis talked about how to prepare for their protest or marches they would practice being talked down, spit on, being beaten. That through the practiced they learned not to fight back but show the people who were doing these horrible things to them love. Throughout the interview he would mention studying Gandhi’s peaceful protest tactics and using them while they were doing their own protests. 2. The thing that I learned from this article is the fact that the people that John Lewis marched or protested with practiced being treated terribly. That they were learning how not to fight back instead of fighting fire with fire. Through the…show more content…
The course content from this this semester that I feel related to this article is from a lecture that we had. In the lecture it explained the concept of fight or flight. How you will either in a stressful situation fight your way through it or simple run away from it. We get this from our adrenal gland in the body. Although in the lecture Dr. White explained that sometimes there is a third aspect to the concept of flight or flight. That third aspect is flow, and it was termed Dr. Bennson. The aspect of flow is to stick it out. That instead of fight your problems or running away from it, you wait till they get better. To me this seems to be the aspect they used while they were doing their peaceful protesting. Instead of fighting or running away from the people that were fighting them, they tried their best to march through it. My take away from listening to this article is to learn to turn the other cheek in situations. If people can peacefully march while being treated terribly and not retaliate, then I can learn to control myself in certain
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