John Lewis's Fight For Civil Rights For Children

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Civil rights are defined as the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality, and civil rights are an important part of everyone 's everyday life. From The Little Rock Nine to The Bus Boycott, those who are interested in equality have been fighting for civil rights for everyone. John Lewis was a civil rights activist in 1960 and he is still fighting for equality today. As a result of John Lewis, people had a voice they could listen to and preach for. During John Lewis’s early life, the Montgomery Bus Boycott inspired him to get into the civil rights movement. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a protest based off of Rosa Parks refusing to get up for a white person. She was arrested and put into jail; her arrests sparked the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Everyone who participated in the Bus Boycott walked everywhere instead of taking the bus. The Bus Boycott was not the only issue that inspired John Lewis, the Brown v. Board case also distressed him. The Brown v. Board was a civil rights case about a black girl’s mother who wanted to enroll her daughter in a white public school. The school would not let her so they sued the school. The Brown’s lost the case. In recent years,John Lewis wrote the March trilogy with Andrew Aydin. The March trilogy is used across the country in schools. The March trilogy is a book about civil rights with John Lewis’s real life experiences. The trilogy is also used for many colleges to inform students on real life

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