John Locke Theory Of Knowledge Essay

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Knowledge can be gained in many ways, according to John Locke it is something that us human beings gain through experiences that we face. I believe that what Locke says is true because through experience is the way I gain knowledge but even though I gain through experience I also think Knowledge isn’t just something we get from experiences I think that knowledge is something we search for through the choices that we as human beings make like Malcom X states in his biography.
I think we all have this desire inside of us to want to gain knowledge and learn more about things that we don’t understand, because us as human beings we are curious and strive to know and learn about things we do not understand, for example there are many things we wonder and ask ourselves, like what is that and why is it like that which shows our curiosity and shows our desire to learn and gain knowledge although everyone isn’t
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A major flaw I see in our education system is the need for the education system to test every student before each transition into a higher level of school for example, the CRT’s before middle schools and the MAP tests before high school, as well as the high school proficiency exams to graduate high school, it is all wrong they expect all the students to meet these standards when all this teaching is moving at a fast pace and each student cannot take the time to fully understand the
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