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Greetings my name is john Locke, you’ve probably heard about me during social studies class. So let me tell you a brief history about myself. I was born during the age of enlightenment or as they say “the age of thinking”. Now, the way of thinking should be related to the nature and not always to relate things to the religious point of view. I lived through the disruptions of the English civil war, me and my fellow Thomas Hobbes. I’m a philosopher, which are people who study philosophy basically. However I’m not a regular philosopher I viewed the universe in a different way. Thomas Hobbes was a philosopher too but, I had a more optimistic view of human nature. We never agreed on one another’s ideas because they were always different. For example I thought that people were realistic and moral, while Thomas Hobbes thought that people were naturally selfish, cruel, and corrupt. Both of us were very famous and we were invited to the salons planned by the lovely Madame Geoffrin, in the salons we used to talk about philosophy, she used to invite other famous philosophers such as: Montesquieu, Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Adam Smith. Each one of us were very successful and had a lot of beliefs that vary one another. I stated that people have natural rights. These natural rights include that people have the right to life, liberty, and property. Diderot published and edited the first encyclopedia, which was a very successful event that happened. Rousseau wrote the social

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