John Locke Vs Hobbes

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Most communities today rely on a basic form of government whether it be a democracy or a monarchy. If government was taking away the simple fact can be argued that chaos would break loose or people will naturally be peaceful. John Locke and Thomas Hobbes both delved into the ideal government of the people. Both agreed in a form of government should be established to keep some kind of peace, but both ideas differed in the way the government function. After analyzing both philosophers, it should be that a government should be established based on human's nature to sin, but Locke’s ideas are perceived to be more developed in a realistic government applied today. If no form of government was established it can be argued what the overall outcome…show more content…
Whereas Hobbes states that based on his idea of human nature, which is humans are born evil, that one ruler should be given absolute power. While Hobbes makes various points he does conclude that people should surrender their freedom to this power because the ruler keeps them safe. This including the right to complain about the ruler’s policies. Locke’s ideal government is one that doesn’t give absolute power to one person but rather power to a group of power. This making it less likely for a ruler to abuse their power or corrupt the government. His philosophy around government is that “God gave people reason to know their nature rights and to create a government that protects these rights.” If people have the right to life, liberty, and property and has a say in it it leads to less corruption. If at any point the government isn’t meeting the required standards it can be overthrown. Nevertheless, Locke’s idea of government is more relatable to the people which why it should be…show more content…
He believes humans are evil so they should give power to one person. Contrary to his belief what makes it so sure that that person isn’t evil as well. Locke’s idea is that no human should be given power and that “no king can have claim to God’s power. His idea of government allow the people to have a say. Democracy is based of the good of the people based on various leaders. Based on human nature that is humans are indeed born good but not perfect, this form of government best applies. Therefore Locke’s form of a democracy best suits a community based on the basic form of human
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