John Locke Vs Machiavelli

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Everyone has their own opinion on how a government should be and how the order should be. Some people are known as the best leaders and some have been known hostile. Certain philosophers have made history based on their views and how they think a society should be handled. Such as John Locke and Niccolò Machiavelli have had different views; how a government should be and what rules should they place on their public. Locke was one of the best “Enlightenment Thinkers”, as for Machiavelli, he was the complete opposite of the other philosopher, Locke. Machiavelli philosophies about how the government should treat the public were very ruthless. Some of their ideas are similar around the world, even in the 21st century; there are governments where…show more content…
He represents a significant turning point in humanity’s social or cultural development because his writings about how every man should have the right to his property and liberty has influenced many people and even America represents this idea. Locke considers this to be a human’s natural right and now should show control over it. According to the article Pride, Property, and Providence, “Jonathon Edwards recalled that when he first read Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding, he was “beyond expression entertain’d and pleas’d with it”” (Caleb 1). This shows that Locke’s one philosophy about natural rights has gained significance because it defines justice and it shows sincerity towards the citizens of a country. This is one of the main significant turning points in social and cultural development as this is most of his famous philosophies. People really like it when they hear these types of ideas because to them it shows that some philosopher is concerned about their rights and those people keep supporting that philosopher until their ideas have been made…show more content…
As in some places in the world today people have their rights violated because they did not have sources or ideas to rely on and they are left helpless. When having influential works by famous “Enlightenment Thinkers” it gives the people a chance to raise their voice for their right. As Americans we are fortunate that we have works from these great philosophers who care for the public and we have the ability to raise our voice when our rights are being violated without having the fear of being punished in a hostile

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