John Locke's Role In The History Of American Freedom

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Jared Nigro
Professor Rodrigue
HIS 101
March 2, 2018
American Freedom Many people would do anything to achieve their freedom and those involved in the History of American Freedom are no exception to that statement. From the period of the American Revolution to the end of the nineteenth century, American citizens fought and struggled to achieve what they have today in terms of their liberty. Our founding fathers believed every man was born with equal rights and not just one person had all the rights, like a king for instance. This idea was taken almost directly from an English philosopher who is now known as the “Father of Liberalism,” John Locke. Locke was an extremely influential man in the world of politics, government, and democracy. Believe it or not, Locke, a British man, influenced social and economic American Freedom in such an immense way even though the Americans were trying to declare their independence from the English. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, took many ideas from Locke. For example, he believed that all people are born with equal rights and government should beneficial to all citizens just like John Locke. Jefferson’s ideas that derived from Locke helped shape the American social and economic class in that under the government, all men are created equal, thus having equal rights. The idea of Bourgeois individualism is another big part of American Freedom. Bourgeois is a French word that is defined as the “characteristic of
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