John Luther: The Interpretation Of Scripture

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The Interpretation of Scripture: In Luther’s time, deed and act was considered as the essential characteristics of prophetic preaching. He stated that how the prophets were given the responsibilities of awakening the people to an expectation of the coming Messiah. So, the aim of all that we preach and prescribe in the church, that the people shall expect the Redeemer’s coming. His task of prophetic preaching was consisted on presenting the gospel of the saviour who had already come. The preacher’s special task is to set forth this message in any way he can. The willingness to use personal experiences as illustrations belongs to the prophetic consciousness of the call. The exegetical character also devoted to the prophetic. His preaching was…show more content…
Calvin was influenced by humanists. The preaching idea of Calvin is that the preaching becomes revelation when if God agrees to add to it the Holy Spirit. The Spirit does not speak anything that has not already been said in the scripture. Preaching can be called as the Word of God only by the preaching expounds and interpret the Bible. He sensed very low level for human activity in preaching. He considered the following things as the qualities of the preacher. They are competence in theology, knowledge in interpretation, personal life formation, and the charisma of teaching. A preacher should have these qualities for the ministry of the Word of…show more content…
He was a good reader and life time writer. His preaching was like memorable instruction. His sermons have a consistent structure. First, he opens the text. Then he explored the difficulties of the text. In the midst of the sermon, he delivered with passionate pleading. After pleading with great sympathy and power he ends the sermon. His aim was to focus the content to let the truth make its own impact. He was not only preached, but to teach. The biblical truths were the fundamental to preaching.
6.1.3. John Bunyan
He was a man of intellectual sympathy of this age treated as a good preacher of this period. His sermons thought shows that he was a man of ideas and aims which fill the scholarly atmosphere.
His book, pilgrim progress shows us that he was a man of evangelical. This book was written in an allegorical method. He was the man of preaching. The content of his preaching were the gospel, hope, and the world that to come.
6.1.4. Tillotson
He was the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. He caused a revolution in English preaching. He broke the puritan method of tradition. He boosted his sermons with illustration. There was no emotion, no appeal, and no heroism. The sermon under Tillotson’s influence was widespread and became a moral
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