John Madden's Credibility And Influence

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The fourth principle we will analyze for John Madden are his skills for building personal credibility and influence. Madden was first hired as the linebackers coach in 1967 at the age of 30, before being offered the head coaching position in 1969. Madden age 32 was one of the youngest ever to become head coach of a professional football team. Although, he had seen early success in his college coaching this may have been enough to demand attention, it is what he did next that really stood out. Changing the culture of the entire organization. Al Davis handed over the reins to Madden in 1969, who helped the Raiders establish themselves as an NFL power in the post-merger era. In his first year he lead the Raiders he lead his team to 12-1-1 and would go on to win the super bowl in 1976.
Madden created accountability and collaboration across leadership structures. His credibility grew stronger with his weekly team and management meetings and deep diving into every part of the organization, to help turn things around. People here really are committed to the
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The five principles that we will covered were leader development, leadership attributes, leadership ethics, values and decision making, skills for building personal credibility and influence, and finally Marketing, Advertising and Product Safety. We have shown how his credibility and leadership attributes were able to overcome dire straits of a huge organization, yet his leadership development and skills were able turn it all around. Madden was successful in leading the Oakland Raiders transformation into one of the NFL’s powerhouses. He guided the Raiders team in working together on a compelling vision, comprehensive strategy and relentless implementation of working together. Overall, John Madden is a great leader with all the success and accolades to prove
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