John Marshall: The Most Significant Changes In American History

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There were a number of both positive and negative changes at the time John Marshall lived. Born in 1755 in Germantown, John Marshall’s was greatly influenced by a series of events. One significant influence on his later life as a Supreme Court judge was the time he spent as a Revolutionary soldier. As a soldier, Marshall highly admired General George Washington and witnessed some of the greatest changes in American history. Some of the positive changes include the making of the Constitution of the United States. In fact, Marshall was part of the state convention that ratified the constitution in 1788. The lawyer at the time also played a significant role in changing the Articles of Confederation with the new Constitution. Additionally, the…show more content…
For instance, there were various problems that the country faced at the time, and they include a significant conflict with the British leading to the Revolutionary War, which was also known as the American War of Independence. It was the culmination where the colonists managed to overthrew the British rule. The revolutionaries managed to seize final control of the thirteen colonial governments where they got to set up the Second Continental Congress and also managed to form a continental army. The following year was formally declared independent and new nation of United States of America. The war cost the US significantly in terms of deaths and economy. Like other young nations instituted following revolutions, United States faced the challenge of building a sound economy, maintain political stability and preserving their independence. By the year 1790, it looked as if the Union would disintegrate. Vermont was threatening to join Canada, and two states were not in support of the new constitution. The new state also faced economic and foreign policy problems. There was a massive debt that the country found hard to deal with. The paper money printed during the conflict was worthless. In terms of foreign policy, the British in violation of the peace treaty had continued to occupy old Northwest Forts. Apart from that, Spain had declined to recognize the boundaries of the new…show more content…
For instance in his hometown, Born in Germantown, he held various positions in the government with the most important being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Earlier during the Revolutionary War, he was a Lieutenant in the Virginia regiment together with my father. Further, he served for three years under George Washington and eventually promoted to the position of captain in 1779. Later in 1781, John Marshall, and others discharged from service. The following year, he was to be elected as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Marshall establish a law firm in Virginia where he practiced and did his duties from. Later in 1787, he was elected to be among the delegates that ratify the US Constitution. In 1789, the first president offered to make me the US attorney for my home state, but he declined. As the lines are drawn and people take party positions, I am recognized as a prominent member of the Federalist Party. In 1799, I was elected to the US House of Representatives. However, he served serve in the position briefly before and was appointed a secretary of state by President Adam in 1800. In the same year, Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth resigned on the grounds of ill health. The president tenders reappointment to John Jay, the first Chief Justice but he refuses. Further, in 1881, he was appointed as chief justice and sworn in on February, 4. However, he continued serving as a secretary of
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