John Mill's Argument Analysis

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In American society today, there’s debates centered around how to be happy and to stay happy. There is generally lots of ways to stay happy and make you happy but sometimes those objects that make you happy are temporary happiness. As the prominent philosopher John Mill is that people shouldn’t be so focused on being happy, that shouldn't be your main purpose in life. Mill’s argument about happiness is correct in that we shouldn’t be focused on making others happy or the world a better place, try to be more focused on our own happiness.
According to the article “The Madness of Materialism,” by Taylor who says that people today believe that the key to happiness is money or buying things for yourself. The people that say money is the key to happiness is wrong because you can use the money on yourself but it doesn’t make you feel better. People who don’t have a lot of money are happier than the people with
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For example Happy Thanksgiving it says in the saying that to be happy, so people believe that since it is in the holiday that we have to have to be happy , we have no other choice. Even the happiest people become unhappy during the holidays. The people who are the happiest start to become unhappy because they being to question their happiness and start to overthink about their happiness and get depressed. We should be focus on making people around you happy and they will make you happy too. I have an experience that relates to the article “The Pursuit of Happiness” by McMahon , it was when I was little it was my birthday and I wasn’t with my parents and my aunt was telling me happy birthday and i wasn’t happy. My aunt kept telling it's your birthday you have to be happy but my parents were in prison and it just wasn't a happy day. In other words my aunt was telling me that just because its my birthday i have ot be
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