John Muir: The Sierra Club

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According to Austin Campbell, one of John Muir’s most inspiring quotes is “The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir was an environmentalist in the late 1800’s who wrote books and joined a park. Muir ideas came from nature itself, therefore he wrote books and inspiring quotes, was associated with Yosemite National Park and started the Sierra Club. John Muir, an environmental activist and journalist, was born April 21, 1838 and died in December 24, 1914. Muir grew up forced to memorize the Bible and retain a difficult schedule. He went to the University of Wisconsin in the early 1860’s and later left to study the earths nature by foot, in addition to working different jobs to provide for himself. Muir had a passion for learning new…show more content…
According to Jared Prince, “The three purposes of the club - recreation, conservation, and education…” and are still major objectives of the club today (Prince). Muir believed that people coming back from the rough backwoods will support the protection of Yosemite National Park. He convinced Theodore Roosevelt, president at the time, to go camping with him in Yosemite to get Roosevelts support for the National park. The Sierra Club gained 1,000 members by 1908 and from them on continued to rise. The club also established many other National Parks like the Mt. Rainer National Park and Glacier National Park. The Sierra Club also built a visitor and education center in 1898. After Muir dies the club established National Park Service, who Stephen Mather was director of in 1916. The club continues opening National Parks, building monuments and dams in rivers and protecting the sequoia trees in many other parks (The Sierra Club). After working with the Sierras of California, Muir wrote enthusiastically and skillfully about the protection of national…show more content…
His writings brought those people far from nature closer to it. Muir’s belief in nature caught the attention of others when they begin to read his writings. He used his writings to describe the view of beautiful nature he founded and to support the protection of nature. He showed the love and support he had for national parks in his writings. “In his writing, Muir lays out the importance of natural public spaces” (Prince, John Muir's National Parks Writings - A Convincing Arguement). Mentioned earlier, Muir believed that natural resources should be used properly. He convinced people that the government had a major role in protecting forests. Muir’s writings were a way into founding Sequoia and Yosemite National Park. Muir wrote over 300 magazines and 12 books. The first book Muir wrote was “Picturesque California” in 1888. Many of Muir’s books were written in series. Before Muir died, he had a plan of writing ten more books (National Park
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