How Did John Muir Influence The Environment

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JOhn Muir’s Influence in The early 20th Century To what extent did John Muir’s environmental philosophy in the late 19th and early 20th century influence Theodore Roosevelt’s environmental policies passed during his presidency? Table of Contents Background 2 John Muir 3 Theodore Roosevelt 8 The Meeting 10 Antiquities Act 12 Conclusion 14 Bibliography 15 Background It’s undeniable that there have been individuals throughout history who have valued nature. However, the United States public as a whole has been, for the most part, indifferent towards its protection and did not develop an appreciation for the environment until the late 19th and early 20th centuries (The Evolution of the Conservation Movement). Evidence for this change in paradigms can be seen in the policies passed under Theodore Roosevelt and took place alongside the progressive era when the US experienced a shift in attitude, leaning more towards reform in all aspects of society with the goal of creating a better quality…show more content…
He developed his love for the wilderness early on, on adventures with his friends and walks with his grandfather who encouraged his curiosity. In his early schooling, Muir continued to be taken with nature and he became almost obsessed with the lessons on natural history and the literature that involved animals at school. When he heard his family was moving to America in 1849, when he was only 11, John Muir was filled with joy (John Muir: A Brief Biography). He had heard of the vast wilderness in the New World all throughout his schooling and the idea of being able to experience it all firsthand made the long journey to America full of excitement. In his biography, The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, he described a conversation he had with his grandfather right before he left for the New World about all the birds, gold, sugar, and other wonders he would encounter in his new home (Muir
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