John Nash Research Paper

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A countless number of symptoms come with schizophrenia, since it is a mental disorder, it mainly affects the brain. Even though, it generally deals with the brain, there are physical symptoms that come along with it. The way that schizophrenia affects you as a person depends on the degree of the disease and your own mental capabilities. One man, very well known by the world, John Nash, suffered from schizophrenia. John Nash not only had mental side effects but he also had physical side effects. Personally, I feel as though his mental health was the most impacted by his disease. His physical symptoms were strong but, they did not affect his life as much as his mental symptoms did. His physical symptoms could have been overcome simpler than his mental symptoms did.
Ways that his mental health impacted his life was by, him seeing people that were not real; John would also talk to these people, even when others were around. He later realized that these people that he was seeing could not be seen by others and they were not real in any way. This caused a great toll with his social
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One way that they are different, they become more addicted to nicotine by 60% than people without schizophrenia. This makes it even harder to quit smoking, not only because they are more addicted to it, but also because quitting may make their already existing symptoms worse. This mental disorder cause people with it to have an altered perception of reality. They cannot differentiate between reality and their own imagination. People with schizophrenia are known to be paranoid, some constantly think that they are being watched or heard. Although they are different, we are living in the same world as them, they have to go through the same things that we face. While they go through the same things as us they might have other mental or physical obstacles that we may never have to go
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