John Oliver Satire Analysis

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John Oliver’s Sugar - Satire Review
“The Average American eats 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, 5 times the proper amount!” This is a quote from the host of “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver in his video over making producers include an ‘added sugar’ slot on product nutrition labels. Consumers should at least get to know what the food we eat contains. The producers are trying to avoid including the “added sugar” on their labels. Their reaction should make you question how much sugar they include in their products. John Oliver’s video on sugar is an effective form of satire because of its exaggerated proposal of a serious problem and the way he uses Ironies, Hyperboles and a Parody to get his point across. Satire itself is very important in our society today because it helps make light of very serious problems by giving exaggerated proposals while giving real solution as well.
His exaggerated proposal is all companies tell how much added sugar is in their product by using Candied Circus Peanuts as their measurements, they have more than 5 grams of sugar ‘per peanut’. The only downside to this is that people might be reluctant to “Show you their peanuts” The real solution he gave is just put the amount of sugar you add in on the
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Oliver uses Hyperboles, Parodies and Ironies to show the subject’s importance. In one instance, he uses a hyperbole when he is saying that “Americans are eating 75 pounds of sugar a year! That like eating Michael Cera’s weight in sugar every year!” The Parody is his exaggerated proposal about using Candy Circus Peanuts as their measurement size. An Irony is used when he is showing the video of an interview with Andy Briscoe, President and CEO of The Sugar Association and he says that Sugar does not contribute to obesity. John Oliver’s reply is that “I'm not saying it's the only suspect but it's definitely one of the key
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