John P. Foreyt's Weight Loss Diets

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Robert W. Ryan
Dr. Anne Kennedy
17 February 2018

Dear Dr. Kennedy The reason I chose to write my essay on John P. Foreyt’s “Weight Loss Diets: Are They All The Same?” is because I have successfully lost weight by doing a low carb diet, so I can relate to the topic. The readers of my essay include my fellow students and you, my professor. I think my paper is interesting to the reader because I have added my own opinions and experiences to my work. Both peer responses I received suggested that I make a clearer thesis statement, so I added a little more
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In the last paragraph of page two in the article, I learned that low carb diets can produce more weight loss than low-fat diets. Although over time it seems you keep the weight off easier with a low-fat diet. Low carb diets apparently have no short term negative health effect, but over long term they can. This makes sense because low carb diets are high in fats and a high fat intake over a long period of time cannot be healthy. On page three in the second paragraph Foreyt references a paper by Sacks and Collogues and according to them you can be successful at any weight loss plan if you stick to it like you are supposed to. The reality of it is that anyone can lose weight on any diet. The best way to select a diet is to research it. Look into other people’s success on different diet plans and decide which one works best for you depending on your personal tastes. Like I said at the beginning of my paper, I have successfully lost weight on the low carb diet plan because for one I wanted to get to my goal weight bad enough and for two I like meat and vegetables that are low in carbs, so I knew low carb dieting would work for me. I have a good friend who does not like meat and only likes potatoes when it comes to vegetables, so it is safe to say that a low carb diet would not work for her. So, my advice is to do your research, figure out which plan works best for you and make sure you want it bad enough to succeed at it and you will lose weight with

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