Reverend Parris: A Narrative Fiction

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The Finding Even though winter was around the corner, Reverend Parris was sweating like a waterfall. While the court room feeling stuffy with pressure on his shoulders, Parris was brought back to the night where he walks in the misty forest to find a group of girls dancing around a fire. With every BANG of the gavel he tried to find a way to understand what he had seen. A girl naked running around, Tituba singing her Barbados songs and his niece Abigail Williams holding a bottle of blood in her hands. Like every morning Parris awoke to pray for an hour in his room then go down to eat his breakfast. As Tituba, Abigail and Betty had gotten breakfast ready Parris read them their daily devotion “Lies not only burn your conscious but burn you in the end.” Then Parris told them…show more content…
As he looks at her Parris could feel cold sweat go down his back and he then was back in front of his empty dark house. Normally there were candles lit in the windows and Abigail and Betty were sound asleep why Tituba was getting dinner ready for him but not tonight. Parris walk throughout the house calling their names but no answer, as he enters Betty room he saw through her window the forest. In the middle of the forest was an orange glow where gray smoke came from. He then runs outside into the forest, scared they were stolen by something dark! Parris tries to remember a verse, but stop when he hears a familiar song. This was a Barbados song in which he spent some time there before enter ministry. Then he sees all of it, first a girl naked running into a bush screaming, Tituba sings as loud as possibly with her hands raise in front of the fire. Betty his daughter screams at the sight of him and drops to the ground. Then Abigail drops a bottle as she turns to look at
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