John Paul And Excalibur Analysis

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John Paul and Excalibur Clouds began to form over the hill, they were dark and a storm was coming, as the storm came closer it was more visible and it wasn’t a storm cloud it was a storm of men. They were coming from Wales with swords in their hands and a dedication to destroy King Arthur. While a storm was brewing outside King Arthur was inside with his son John Paul who was a prince who decided he wanted to join in combat and become a knight. John said he would be the greatest knight in the land. Arthur who respected his son’s decision had him trained and as he was being knighted Arthur heard a rumble, the storm was coming. Arthur quickly pulled out his sword and gave it to his young son knowing he would have to fight. “I want you to take take this my son,” Arthur said as he held out the sword “This sword has brought me great power in London and know it will bring great power to you in your fight.” “Father I will take this sword and will wield it with power, I will surely make you proud,” explained John Paul. “I know you will, know go!” Exclaimed Arthur And with that John Paul grabbed the sword out of his father 's hand and went off to battle. He went straight out there…show more content…
He charged into the hoard of men with his sword held high. He screamed a battle cry then ran into the hoard and ran out of sight from his father, who was watching from the castle’s tower. Arthur got worried when he couldn’t see his son but he knew where he was because of all the men falling around him. John Paul couldn’t see much in the hoard but neither could the enemies because they thought John Paul was their ally, that was until he swung his sword. John Paul had men falling to his left, right, in front of him, and behind him, he was harming anyone that came near him. That was until the pain came back. He didn’t faint this time but he was immobile and helpless. Then minutes later he fainted and a knight brought him to his

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