John Philip Sousa's Music

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John Philip Sousa was an outstanding composer for many years. He had many different skills and characteristics that helped him become one of the best. How people liked his music and different pieces he wrote will be the other two things I will be talking about today.

Sousa had many different skills and characteristics that led him to become well known and successful. One detail that supports this is he had experience in the U.S. Marine Band for 12 years which gave him outside skills for his future in composing. Another detail is he was able to adapt music for the military instruments in his band. Finally, he was able to control his band by the wave of his baton. These details all show different skills and characteristics that John Sousa had as a composer.
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One way this is proven is it it says “his band stayed popular for 40 years and sold out at every concert. Another way this is proven is it says people consider Sousa day when Sousa’s band comes to town. The last way is he plays many different types of music including brass, military, opera, and symphony orchestras. These ways all show how people liked his music.

During Sousa’s 40 years of composing he had many different musical pieces he wrote. One of his most popular pieces was a march called “The Washington Post”. Another one of his wildly popular pieces included a patriotic march called “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” John also wrote a few operas including his most famous piece, his third opera, “El Capitan.” These three pieces are all important pieces from Sousa’s life.

John Philip Sousa, as shown above is definitely a very important and successful musician of American history. He had many different skills and characteristics that helped him in his life, people overall really liked his music, and he wrote many different kinds of
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