John Piper Eschatology Summary

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An Evening of eschatology was hosted by John Piper in 2007 September, 27 as one primer goal: Discussion about the millennium. At that night John Piper invited three representatives of each one of the views: Around the table were Jimmy Hamilton (pre-millennialist) Doug Wilson (post-millennialist) and Sam Storms (amillennialist). Although being an pre-millennialist, John Piper figured only as moderator of the meeting.

The convertation starts establishing some key points that are common between all the views: the concept of gospel, our sinful nature that makes us deserve the wrath and punish of God, the substitution sacrifice from Jesus that endured the wrath of God in our place. Because He bore our sins we receive His righteousness and we are accepted by God. They also talk about definition and importance of studying eschatology
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This situation remains during 1000 years and during this time the believers reign literally with Jesus in His resurrected body and Satan is bounded. During this time, the unbelievers that survived and got into the millennium will have offspring and not necessarily everyone will have resurrected bodies. After 1000 years Santan is released for a short period until the final judgment when is gonna be thrown in the lake of fire, all things are made new and the new heavens and new earth will
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