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John Pope In 1770 John Pope was born in prince William County, Virginia. He inter the war of 1812 he was unsuccessful to serving a single term in the us military. Win he was a young kid he lost his arm to a farming accent. His father put him in a privet school in bartend, Kentucky. He went to marry college in marry college he stead law for the state of Kentucky. He was elected as a catena for of Kentucky. He was fast a natural finger for the state of Kentucky he was become a rising star. He was a politician for the state of Kentucky. He had bend a potation for 5 year he a very wise people at his job he was on the last of his mouths of the him as a polities of the state of Kentucky so he was starting to that what he was going to do because…show more content…
His second wife was named was Eliza Pope. His third wife was named was Frances Walton Pope she was the future daughter in law of John Adams the president. His brother was Nathaniel Pope he was a polarizer like is brother. His ether brother died very young In the Millay by getting shot. He helped build the state capitol on the Mississippi river; it was a very good spot for a capitol because there was a river way so the was traportan to one place to a nether. He also builds a bank so people can put their money in the bank and he made a tariff two. He got elected for his second term he made a military road thought Arkansas so he will be help shape the state. When he tried to get elected for the third time Jackson did not approve of his third term for the state of Arkansas. He will help Arkansas to become a state so that was he was known of as hero of the state of Arkansas. After failing he went back to the state of Kentucky and became another politician. Couple of years later on the day of July 12, 1945 he died in the state of Kentucky. He was buried on Springfield Cemetery, Kentucky. He was so important for the state of Arkansas. They named a very important county after him; Pope
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