John Proctor Character Analysis

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Parris as a Role for Proctor and his Influence on Morals and Religion
Throughout history, religion shaped civilization. It has written and rewritten borders and caused wars. Personal belief and the consequences it brings apply to most conflicts, including those of the Salem witch trials. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, religion and the clash between personal belief and church teachings on values and morals play an important role in the development of both John Proctor and Reverend Parris; Parris serves as a foil for Proctor throughout the play by contrasting his religious views, morals, and integrity, ultimately revealing Proctor’s good heart despite his mistakes. Although religious beliefs influence character development, they often conflict with other characters, highlighting the different morals and values that each character has. Parris’s beliefs contradict and create tension between him and Proctor, effectively outlining and accenting their differences by furthering the evidence that supports Parris’ role as a foil for Proctor. Parris demonstrates his beliefs through his actions and decisions as a Pastor for the town of Salem. When rumours of witchcraft first begin to circle, he chooses to pick a fight. He argues “where is my wood? My contract provides I be supplied with all my firewood. I am waiting since November for a stick, and even in November I had to show my frostbitten hands like some London beggar” (Miller 27). Parris, rather than worry and pray for his
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