John Proctor Diary Entry Essay

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Dear Diary, Last night I was almost caught by Uncle Parris when the girls and I were out “dancing” in the woods. We weren’t really dancing though, I was trying to make a wish come true. I wished that my beloved John Proctor would love me and that we could spend the rest of eternity together. Deep down inside I also hoped that maybe this whole scene, that they call witchery, might have John pay more attention to me and notice that I am the right woman for him. That old Goody Proctor is no good for him. I wish she were gone already so John could notice that I’m the only one for him. Anyway, back to us being found in the woods; I really did not expect Uncle Parris to find us. I think he saw Mary naked, but I’m almost sure that he didn’t see me do anything. Of course I didn’t tell anyone what we really did, they wouldn’t believe me anyway. I blamed it all on Tituba like always, no one is going to believe her, she is just a slave. It is so easy to blame everything on her! Mary looked like she might explode and end up telling everyone the truth about what really went on the night, but I scared her off. None of the other girls will tell on us, they all worship me too much.…show more content…
John Proctor is like no other man alive. His eyes are so genuine when they penetrate my soul, and his luscious hair sways with the breeze making it seem like a dream. Whenever I am with him, I feel like an angel floating in heaven. I never thought that anyone could make me feel like this. This is what real love feels like. I know he loves me too. It is that damn Goody Proctor that is in our way. He loves me and only me, he always loved me. I can tell that his feeling are eating him up and that he is trying so hard to hide his evident feelings for me. Elizabeth is brainwashing him into thinking that he is in love with her. I must save him from this devil of a woman. Elizabeth will not change for him. However, I can become anyone for
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