John Proctor Evil In The Crucible

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Yes, in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible John Proctor’s act is believable. John Proctor isn’t this person in the beginning of the play ; he wouldn’t of even considered this at the time being. He is not entirely truthful with his wife and himself, his marriage affected the goodness in himself. His marriage is very cold and seems false, resulting in him and his wife to not trust each other and be distant.
An action in John Proctor’s life that holds back his inner goodness and personality is the crime he committed, when Proctor commits adultery with Abigail, it affects his truthfulness, marriage, and conscience. John Proctor wants nothing to do with Abigail after what happened between them; she still tries to involve herself with John Proctor.
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Abigail tells everyone the Elizabeth sent her spirit out to stab her with the needle that is in Mary Warren’s poppet. When John Proctor finds out what Abigail is up to, he threatens her in the woods. He will not let Abigail accuse Elizabeth and try to have her hanged. This is when John Proctor shows more passion is his marriage.
As the trial comes to its end John Proctor is faced with two choices, make a fake confession and be free but ruin his name and others, or be hanged under his good name. John is prompted to sign a confession for his life, he proceeds to sign it. After a few moments, he decides to rip it half, saying he will not ruin his name. This was a good choice, in doing this he lives up to his good name. When Proctor does this it makes Elizabeth sad and she starts to cry. John’s respectful decision proves to his wife he loved her and meant well, also it shows the people of Salem he is a good man and will not tarnish his good name and neither should they.
John Proctor is a truthful man and this act is out of the goodness of his heart. He would not shame his own name or any others in the village by creating a lie to save has life. He didn’t believe in what the church wanted him to do. He stood up to his threat and is hanged under his good and truthful
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