John Proctor Evil

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In The Crucible Arthur Miller shows his theme of how the easier evil or the harder good can affect your life and others around you. Arthur Miller shows this through the example of john proctor signing the confession but then later choosing to stick to what is right and pay for the price for other people’s sins. This affects the people of the town on how anyone can be killed no matter the power and that death isn’t for sport. John Proctor is a well-known name in the town of Salem, and when he confesses to witch craft it doesn’t sit right with him. He comes to realize that “it is my name” and he only gets one during his lifetime. John is unwilling to blacken his friends reputations and he clings to his own reputation of loyalty and integrity so he does…show more content…
Lastly, Proctor knew he was going to die and he was happy because he had confessed of his sins and he was a clean man in his own eyes and Elizabeth’s. She knows how he feels about committing the terrible sins he has in the past. Elizabeth tells proctor “do as you will, do as you will” giving him release to decide for himselfbecause she knows what he is going through and doesn’t want to influence him to live the way she wants him to. She wants him to stay because she loves him but she knows that he cannot admit to the life of lies that he is accused of doing (Miller 209). In conclusion, people in The Crucible lie for their personal interests, their tunnel vision haunts them in the sense that it comes back to get them in the end. This is shown by the fact that john died because he was not willing to live for false sins. In his shoes choosing to die was easy, choosing the harder right between the easier wrong is all depending on how you look at it. The consequences from the wrong choice will make your life harder while sticking to the harder right choice will make your life
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