John Proctor's Flaws In The Crucible

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The play The Crucible by Arthur Miller is based on true events of the Salem Witchcraft Trials but is changed in some parts to make it a better story. One exaggerated part of the play is a character named John Proctor, who has an affair with a girl named Abigale and is trying to stop the Salem Witchcraft Trials because he knows that the afflicted girls are false. While he is trying to stop the trials he ends up being accused and is hanged because he would not “confess” to being a witch. Some people think John Proctor is a flawed person because he made a lot of poor decisions, but he is actually an honorable person because he tried to make up for his mistakes. Some people think John Proctor is a flawed person because he had an affair with a younger girl named Abigale but he is actually honorable because when he was confronted about it by Elizabeth, his wife, then he told the truth to her about how he felt about Abigale and what he had done. He not only told his wife, but told the court judges about his affair so he can try to clear his wife’s name even though it mean a legal punishment and forfeiting his good name in the town. For example, when he was in the court talking to the judges and confessing his affair, John Proctor stated, “...for i thought of her softly. God help me I lusted, and there is a promise in such a …show more content…

A lesson you should learn from this play is that people make mistakes all the time. but it is how they react to their mistake is how you should judge them on it. If people do everything they can to make up for something they messed up on they are an honorable person because everyone makes mistakes, but it is what you do to fix those mistakes that makes you honorable or flawed. In the end John Proctor makes an ultimate sacrafice to make up for all the problems he had

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