John Proctor Mistakes

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The crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller which focuses on the inconsistencies of the Salem witch trials and the extreme behavior flaws that the people represented during the 1690’s. In the story all the characters lived in a puritan town where several young women were exposed or afflicted to witch craft. These young women decided to accuse people of witch craft in order to save themselves from punishments such as, torture and execution, the people being accused by these girls were usually people that their families didn’t like or have had issues with in the past in order to get them out of the town. The main women to continue the act of accusing innocent people in order to save themselves from punishment was Abigail Williams. Around the same time of these events Abigail had relations with a married man named John proctor. Proctor later on had to tell his wife Elizabeth Procter of his wrong…show more content…
Apart from his earlier actions one could say that he has improved greatly by representing change in his character by altering the amount of care he gives others, especially his family. Due to him learning from his mistakes and ultimately taking responsibility for the actions and sins he has committed shows that he has learned his lesson over all and cares mostly about reuniting the relationship with not only his kids but his wife as well, and also showing his respect for his town by trying to protect the innocent from being tortured and executed. This being said, with him not signing the paper to gain his freedom and safety but still allowing the other people alleged guilty of witch craft to perish, shows that john proctor is nothing less than a hero by representing gallant, courageous, and valiant behavior which portrays that he chose to become more mature since the
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