John Proctor Monologue Analysis

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I’m afraid that I haven’t much time left as the rope will be my end. There is so much I wish to tell you, but I will have to make do with my remaining time. I hope to make you understand why I chose such a horrid fate. But first, I must address my betrayal of your mother. To think your mother was sick and in need of my help while I was with another women. I know what you must think of me and I deserve every bit of hatred you have of me. I am no saint. It was at this moment I had lost my goodness.
After being accused of witchcraft, I was asked to sign a confession so that I would not have to die for my alleged crimes. The idea of signing a confession made me ask the question, what is John Proctor? If it were not for the incident with Abigail William the answer would be of course a man built on integrity and honesty. A man who would never lie about a
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A human. Mistakes are common place with people everywhere in society whether a King or a peasant. True character is shown through the way you respond to these mishaps. My relation with Abigail caused a burden of guilt that drove me to redeem myself by refusing to sign a false confession. The moment I ripped the confession I had finally redeemed myself showing my true character of honor and honesty. I may not be a saint since I have committed terrible sins in my past, but I have at last my goodness. You may be wonder what I mean by goodness. Simply put, it is living up to one’s highest integrity and honor not only in the good times but the bad times as well. At times you may lose your way but is of the utmost importance that you always attempt to have your goodness. I only hope that you as well as your mother accept the fact you will make mishaps and know that you can always redeem yourself for it as I have. As I experience the last moments of my life, I do not feel scared as I am confident that soon I will be in Heaven watching you grow up to be men full of
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