John Proctor Narrative Essay

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Trial of Death Dawn began to show itself. The sky was filled with a blood red glow. An eerie sunrise fit for today I think to myself. The sun begins to shine through the rusted bars of a jail cell. It reeks of misery. Neighbors that I have known are in here with me. Others were fellow churchgoers who would not harm a fly. They all sat there, terrified at what is to come. A baby cries in the arms of a stranger. His mother was hanged the day before. Death would come and take his life today. John Proctor and Elizabeth, was a couple who lived two or three plantations away from me, were comforting each other. There were tears in Elizabeth’s eyes. Her husband would be hanged today. I look to the sky as it were last my last. Admiring the world for the last time, I accept my fate. Two guards come in the cells. Chaos breaks as mother is torn away from son, wives torn from husbands, brothers and sisters separated from each other. Those that were left were weeping. As we begin walking, we try to fight back but reinforcements come in. Some hurried back to the locked cell and say their goodbyes. Holding hands for the last time, John lets go of Elizabeth’s hand. Elizabeth begins crying hysterically. I say my own goodbyes to my fellow neighbors and those who had treated me as family. Tears begin …show more content…

Fellow neighbors of mine had signed a petition but it did not help. The girls were in the courtroom with a few dozen so called “witnesses”. The four girls were talking in unison and followed my every movement. They mimicked my speech and had begun contorting if I had shown any anger. My “specter” began attacking them. Several “witnesses” had seem my “specter” attack them as well. This was more than enough evidence for the jury to announce I was guilty. A loud and affirmative bang of the gavel by the judge ended the trial. They put me inside the jail cell where the number of people began to grow. How I had wished this was not true. I accepted my fate a month

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