John Proctor Obstacles In The Crucible

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Everyone has their own difficult challenges that they have to overcome. For example, John Proctor has to deal with his mistake of having an affair with Abigail Williams. Integrity, pride, and a good reputation are important to John and also to myself. I believe that I can relate to John Proctor because of the way he handles different obstacles. My own personal challenge is being able to balance school, work, and my social life. John is trying to forgive himself for cheating on Elizabeth, his wife, with Abigail. John has been accused of being a witch in the play and is given an opportunity to confess. He admits to being a witch, so he will not be hung. However, he decided to revoke his confession because he did not want to be known as a witch. John proclaims that he does this “[b]ecause it is [his] name! Because [he] cannot have another in [his] life! Because [he lies and signs himself] to lies! Because [he is not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may [he] live without [his] name? [He has given you his] soul; leave [him his] name!”…show more content…
God forbid [she] take it from him!” (Miller 145). John is standing up for what he believes is the right thing to do. Elizabeth thinks that John is finally contempt from deciding to not confess to witchcraft. John is proud of himself because he believes that he is making a change for the trials. The townspeople know that John is innocent. Many people realize that if John, someone that is innocent, is hung that others were probably not guilty. John leaves a lasting impact on the town. I want to have a life-long impression on the people that I have interacted with in the past and in the future. I am proud of myself because I strive for success. I am rewarded with the fact that I earned that success because of my hard work. In my future, I may cure cancer, raise a family, or run a business. In the end, I know that I will have a significant effect on the people around
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