John Proctor Redemption Quotes

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In the play The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, John Proctor was internally triumphant when he gained respect for himself, primarily due to his mission of personal redemption and his integrity. Overwrought by regret of his actions, John Proctor is driven on a mission to personally prove himself. He realizes the enormous mistake of committing lechery with Abigail, and wants to prove to himself he has a good will. Near the final pages of the play, Proctor was asked if he was accompanied when doing the devil’s work, he responded “I speak my own sins; I cannot judge another. I have no tongue for it” (Miller 141). John could have used this opportunity to get revenge on Abigail. Instead he makes the honorable decision to personally redeem himself from his previous mistakes. Earlier in the play he claimed that Mary and the girls were “God damn all liars” (Miller 117). This quote demonstrates John judging people for their sins, which is exactly what he claimed he does not do. It shows a dramatic change in his character, a change in personal…show more content…
This is demonstrated in this excerpt, “Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang!” (Miller 143). This quote shows the audience he thinks he is worth nothing. Proctor undergoes a transformation where he retrieves his dignity and respect for himself. Shortly after ripping the confession up Proctor states “You have made you magic now, for now I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. Not Enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs” (Miller 144). Proctor is displaying the self-respect he has obtained from doing the moral thing. This quote also indicates Proctor’s personal change of attitude towards himself. For example, he was hard on himself earlier in the play, comparing himself with dust and later he claims he sees good in
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